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    purchase 2day hopper ticket at gates?

    For some reason I thought I remembered the ticket gates do not sell 2 day park hopper tickets.. is that true? Only 1 day or 3+ days.

    Also, how is attendance in October? I'm planning a visit and hoping October won't be as crowded as the summer, even if it is a weekend visit.
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    Re: purchase 2day hopper ticket at gates?

    Most tickets are available at the Main Ticket Windows, including 2 day ParkHoppers.

    As for where to buy.

    If you are buying a 3 day or more ParkHopper, you want to do it in advance to get a good sized discount as compared to the main gate prices. has them with no shipping charges if you use the Print at Home option (e-ticket).

    If you want to wait until getting to Anaheim, check with your front lobby if you are staying at a Good Neighbor Hotel, or visit the Disneyland Welcome Center at the Doubletree Hotel on Harbor south of Katella. They are $5 more than online, but still cheaper than at the Ticket Windows (must be 3 days or longer).
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