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    The Great Divide

    It's been a while since they combined the Autopias. I know everyone has their own opinion of this decision. Personally I feel they missed a great thematic opportunity. My thought was this... use Mr. Toad's cars on the Fantasyland one, which in turn frees up Toad to be redeveloped. Then you can "future-ize" the Tomorrowland one. Granted the overall concept would remain the same... kid drives parents... but the themes would have enhanced the respective lands! And the little ones would be happy just to drive (to an adult no difference but to a 3 year old the different cars would be 2 completely different stories!).

    I also found pictures of the old flying saucers... how cool would that be to float down the futuristic track... just really think they missed one of many great opportunities.
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    Re: The Great Divide

    I don't think the missed anything.

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