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    Red Face What Do You Take For Granted At Disneyland?

    On my 1st and only trip [so far] to Disneyland last summer I gave the Disney Gallery a quick walkthrough because I was trying to do everything in a matter of four days. But now with the official closure of the Disney Gallery I missed an incredible attraction, something I took for granted at Disneyland. My next trip I'll never NEVER be able to spend an hour or so in the Disney Gallery as I had planned on my next trip.

    What Do You Take For Granted At Disneyland?
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    Re: What Do You Take For Granted At Disneyland?

    i don't go often so i don't have the oppourtunity to tell all the cm's what a wonderful job they are doing.

    that is what i take for granted, the WONDERFUL CM's that make Disneyland a happy place to be.

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    Re: What Do You Take For Granted At Disneyland?

    I take for granted that I know the park so well, know so many little "extra" tidbits, facts, things that make our trips more fun. Grew up going to DL since a month after it opened..only get to go a couple of times a year now.

    While I know I take this for granted...I try to help people who are looking at maps, looking lost, looking frustrated. If I can help one person/family enjoy their experience a little more, it makes my trip better too!
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    Re: What Do You Take For Granted At Disneyland?

    I take for Granted whatever Granted wants me to take for him.

    Sometimes it is milk and cheese, and other times it is a rare exotic fruit.

    Let us all remember Granted.
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    Re: What Do You Take For Granted At Disneyland?

    I take everything at DL for granted. It's always been there for as long as I can remember.
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