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    Space Mt at the 50th Event

    I just spoke with Event Services and they confirmed that DL 50th Event guests (Walt, Roy, and Lillian packages) will be given a Fast Pass rather than a set time to ride the "new" Space Mt. This is much better and allows us to ride as our schedule allows.

    Good Job Event Services!!!!
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    Re: Space Mt at the 50th Event

    I was hoping they would do something like that.....I thought it would be kind of cruel to have people eat breakfast and then trot them off en masse to Space Mountain

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    Re: Space Mt at the 50th Event

    Hopefully it will be a sepcial Fast Pass and not just a normal one we could get ourselves later on in the day. Since the attraction will already be open to the public by this time, it sounded like we were going to get exclusive access to the attraction. Fast Pass is good, I just hope its better than the regular Fast Pass. I would be very happy if it is the type of Fast Pass that are going to be given to the winning bidder of the Space Mountain Re-Launch experience from Disney auctions 2 months ago. They got "Four (4) One Day-All Day Disney's FASTPASSES® to enjoy Space Mountain as many times as you wish".

    I know, Im dreaming. Nice dream though.

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