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    Re: Fire Matt Ouimet!

    Quote Originally Posted by 2DieFR
    That's why we pay a large sum of money for AP's- the privilege to come when and for how long it is convenient.
    Where does it ever say that you pay this "large sum of money" (which, BTW, does not seem so large when you consider the airfare, transportation, hotels, food, and tickets any out-of-towner would need to spend money on) so that you can come "for how long it is convenient?". As far as I know, an AP gives you the right to enter the park as often as you wish. But where do you get this special priveledge that allows you to leave absolutely when ever you want to? I've always felt that after you use them for entry (and I guess using them for discounts) your AP's entitle you to absolutely nothing else inside the park.

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    Re: Fire Matt Ouimet! <--- stoopid


    The title of this thread is highly annoying to me. having been an AP since 97 and having been to the park 100s of times I have witnessed the decline of the park and the subsequent (but not yet complete) ressurection under Matt's management. Going to be careful here to attack the idea not the person, but that is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard on this board - and that is saying something. You are entitled to your opinion, and in my opinion the aforementiond opinion is a .

    I've been in the park when they have stopped admitting people and when you are there on an 80000 attendee day, that is about as bad as it gets. yes, it took an hour or so to get from Fantasy Land to NoS. So what? its not like you can't tell when parking that the park is at capacity. We chose to go in and we knew what we were geting into in doing so.

    Anyone who has been an AP for as long as you say you have should know what to expect when the park is packed. you are either part of the herd, or you sit and wait for the herd to thin, or you wait in line and take the train. yes it sucks. so don't go in the summer.

    Matt rocks. 'nuff said.
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    Re: Fire Matt Ouimet!

    To me, the sad truth is that if people would just stay calm and be polite, the crowds aren't so bad. Yes, I too hate getting smashed into the lava flow of people. But, worse than a slow moving group, is an angry, pushy mob. The amazing thing is we will all get to our destinations. If we all just quit jumping out in front of each other, trying to squeeze past people to beat by five steps to our destinations, everything will flow smoother.
    I am always amazed at what a smile and an excuse me get me. Could and should the crowd control issues be constantly updated? Yes and I am sure they are. As dumb as it may seem, the CMs have to stick strictly to their plans. It's like I tell my kids, sometimes taking sand home in a bucket from the park sounds fun, but if everyone did it there'd be no sandbox left. If the CMs let people slip through here and there, pretty soon there'd be no rerouting anyone.

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