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    Parade of Dreams 2008

    Since the Year of a Million Dreams will continue in 2008, I think there should be a couple changes made to the Parade of Dreams to better celebrate YOAMD. First change the introduction to the original with slight changes "Once Upon a time a magical palce was born,... Today we invite you to celebrate the Year of a Million Dreams with your Disney family... the second thing would use blue and silver flags instead of the gold flags during the show stop, the third would be the return of the Princes to the Dreams Come True float, the Princesses look sad dancing by themselves.

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    Re: Parade of Dreams 2008

    I fully support what you are suggesting.

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    Re: Parade of Dreams 2008

    Interesting idea.. though I'm not a YOAMD fan.

    I wholeheartedly agree with bringing the Princes back though!

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    Re: Parade of Dreams 2008

    May I add a new ending just for 2008.

    A cake float for Mickey Mouse's 80th Birthday.

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    Re: Parade of Dreams 2008

    They should definitely bring back the princes. I finally was able to sit and watch the parade without them and found myself quickly annoyed.

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    Re: Parade of Dreams 2008

    Yeah, bring back the Princes. I don't know about the blue and silver banners though. The gold ones suit me just fine.

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