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    Single Day Park Hopper Deals


    A co-worker's birthday is coming up. She is from Boston and has been living here with her husband for a couple years now and she has never been to Disneyland. We are looking into getting them a single day park hopper ticket and are pooling the money to do this.

    The question is obvious -- what is the absolutely least expensive deal we can get on this? I think I can get $5 off at the booth with my Southern California ID but I am sure there has got to be better deals out there. I am sure someone in here knows.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Single Day Park Hopper Deals

    My company has an employee plan Wild at Work (tickets are actually purchased through tix2fun with a promoton code) and it looks like the current price for a 1 day hopper is $67.00. But then you have to pay shipping which is $6.00 (which they combine for the two tickets) so two would be a total of $140.00. I think thats only about a $6.00 savings over the AP discount.

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    Re: Single Day Park Hopper Deals

    Check out my blog - Coreplex: Rambling from inside the Grid

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    Re: Single Day Park Hopper Deals

    It looks like the best deal is the Southern California Park Hopper one. They sell tickets here at work, but it is for only ONE park - which sucks.

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    Re: Single Day Park Hopper Deals

    Actually, I don't think that sucks. I don't think you should spend extra money to hop. You said she's never been to Disneyland. There's way too much to ever get enough in one day, why would she have any need whatsoever to go to DCA?

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