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    Re: Funniest Disneyland Moment

    Quote Originally Posted by Stitchy-poo View Post
    ya'll's stories are SOOO funny. I hope you don't mind a WDWer joining in the fun.

    This always brings a smile to my face when I think of it. Last Sept, my best friend went with my family to WDW. She had never, we had to mess with her mind JUST A LITTLE on Splash Mt. Of course ya'll know there's those two or three smaller drops before the big, we couldn't resist. She had seen the drop from outside...and was a little anxious to ride. The first, small drop comes up...and me and hubby scream wildly...she's freaking out "is this it? aaaaaaa!!!". We're laughing hysterically. THEN, the wonderful couple in front of us got into it too. The next drop comes up, alll four of us start screaming, hands up...."is THIS it????? AAAAAAA!!!!". We're laughing again. By the time the big drop finally came up....she had given up asking if this was the real one. She didn't make a sound until we got over that hump and were staring at the whole Magic Kingdom. STILL makes me laugh that the couple in front of us played along. It was great.
    Related to WDW Splash Mountain, once, when I went on it during Extra Magic hours at night, Brer Rabbit, the one pointing at Brer Bear with the bees, was missing his point hand! It was just gone, with the arm still there. The next morning, after going back, you could still clearly see how it was reattached, that was about 6-7 years ago, and I still look at the severed hand every time I ride. Still one of the funniest things I remember from WDW!
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    Re: Funniest Disneyland Moment

    This thread is a crack-up.

    Here's my funniest moment. When my DH and I made our first trip together to DL, I knew that he had been going to DL for years, and that his favorite ride was Peter Pan's Flight. When "he" decided we were going to ride, the line was really long and he said it would be worth the wait, ho hum to me, really, I had not been there for a very long time and was looking forward to newer and better.: Well his anticipation grew the closer we got to the actual ride entrance. The stage was set for a great practical joke. When we got very close to the entrance I pretended to read a sign that read as follows " All Adults Must Be Accompanied by a Child Under Seven". He totally freaked. Since it was just the two of us he frantically looked around for a child under 7. When he couldn't find one he looked for the sign so that he could find an exception to the rule notation. I had him! When he realized there was no sign he looked at me and said you got me good!!!! That was 19 years ago and we still laugh about it.

    This was so funny that I had to use this as my first post.

    BTW My DH reads MC a lot, and sometimes posts, and I hope he finds this.

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    Re: Funniest Disneyland Moment

    Quote Originally Posted by ManaByte View Post
    Was walking in front of the Plaza Inn and this woman was picking up a toddler to put over her shoulder, but she apparently heaved a bit TOO hard and...


    Kid took a five-foot faceplant on the concrete. He didn't cry until they peeled his face off the brick walkway.

    15 years from now when the kid asks if he was ever dropped on his head, at least his parents could say "But it was at Disneyland!"
    OOOO I was droped on my head as a baby!!! except it was in a sayance room!!!

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