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    Question about ART & Hojo's...

    Hey there...I'm not staying there, but I have someone with a question - IF they choose to use ART (they know it's a pretty close walk)...leaving the parks - is it the first stop? If not, how long does it generally take to get to Hojo's from disneyland using ART? I know the walk is about 10-15 minutes.


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    Re: Question about ART & Hojo's...

    HoJo's is part of Route B, and is the LAST stop on the way to the park.

    But there are only 3 hotels on the route.

    Basically it leaves the Tram Loading area, goes down Disney Way to Haster, and then stops in front of the Peacock Suites/Candlewood Suites (Stop 1).

    Then goes up a back road to the Red Roof Inn (Stop 2), then back on Disney Way to Manchester and the HoJo's (Stop 3).

    Here is the full route marked on a map

    Just over 2 miles round trip, and designed to take about 15 minutes per cycle, so about 10 minutes from the Tram Loading area back to HoJo's.

    And about 5 minutes to get from HoJo's to the parks.

    Here is a link to the ART website and the current schedule.
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