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    First time planning a DLR trip, have some questions

    I have been to disneyland numerous times, but this is the first trip where I am doing the actual planning myself rather than my parents doing it. I booked the trip through Expedia. We will be there from September 20-25 and we're staying at the Paradise Pier hotel. I have a few questions.

    1. We're flying into John Wayne Airport. I know there are busses and shuttles that go to the resort, but is it obvious where to catch them? Is this something I need to book in advance or can you just pay for it there? Expedia didnt show any options for travel from airport to the hotel and back. How often do they run? Is the price comparable to just taking a taxi?

    2. I have heard about something called a Dole Pineapple Whip that people tell me I absolutely need to try. Whereabouts in the park are these sold?

    3. Which if any restaurants in downtown disney and the the park itself do I need reservations to? I remember in DTD there's a great italian restaurant and also a brennan's jazz kitchen that I'd like to eat at, but I'm not sure if I need reservations or not.


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    Re: First time planning a DLR trip, have some questions

    1. Taxi. Just go to the taxi stand, and get in a taxi. Ask how much to get to Paradise Pier Hotel neara Disneyland, and make sure he sticks to the price. Tip generously, though it's entirely up to you.
    2. Dole Bar outside of or just inside lobby for Enchanted Tiki Room.
    3. Go to Disney web site, get phone numbers and call each one. Some won't accept reservations at all, since there are too many customers who can't make it on time, because they're having too much fun at Disneyland. The restaurants in the hotels will more likely take reservations.
    It will be easier to walk in to these places during the week. For weekends, make plans when you arrive.
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    Re: First time planning a DLR trip, have some questions

    Quote Originally Posted by sediment View Post
    2. Dole Bar outside of or just inside lobby for Enchanted Tiki Room.
    You can also find bootleg Dole Whips in the Esplanade area between the parks. Look for the shady-looking guy in a brown trenchcoat. He'll hook you up.

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    Re: First time planning a DLR trip, have some questions

    There is an actual Disneyland Resort Bus that will pick you up from the airport. I think round trip for an adult was $34. I wish I could remember where I came across it. Its a big bus that has Disneyland on the side of it...Let me do some searching in my history and ill get back to you on an exact website!

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