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    Re: Would You Be Happy with the Tomorrowland?

    MickeyMania: I think we can agree. The harsh realities of history, business and geopolitics may be at odds with the appealing ideals that Tomorrowland represents (and Walt believed in) - - yet that concept has ample value today, both as an ideal and as entertainment.

    And perhaps because it is so far removed from the facts of our lives that it is a more desirable fantasy than ever...

    The recent 20 week box-office drought is more than enough proof that the public has been worn weary by negative images in their fantasies.

    And the sales of Disneyland's "retro" merchandise would show that those art styles (including Mary modernism) have lost none of the appeal either, but have come back in force as a representation of what Disneyland is.

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    Re: Would You Be Happy with the Tomorrowland?

    "MickeyMania" and "merlinjones", I think you are both right. In order for Tomorrowland to achieve timelessness, as many different visions of the future as possible need to be represented. One of my criticisms of Tomorrowland has always been that it lacks the variety that other Realms in The Magic Kingdom have. For example, Adventureland is non-descript because Polynesian styles exist alongside Persian; Arabian; Indian; etc. The only connection between them is that they represent the foreign and exotic,... adventure, itself.

    Imagineering usually tries to add breadth to a place by combining these elements.

    Tomorrowland needs to embrace a variety of conceptions about the future in order to be able to speak definitively on these imaginings. Futurism and science-fiction have been around for a long time, so drawing from this common history and contibuting our own generation's take on the progress of humanity will make for a Tomorrowland every bit as rich and complex as the other Realms of Disneyland.

    It should also be noted that splitting the atom was a cause for concern back in the more naive time, too, and Walt Disney expressed so in "20,000 Leagues under the Sea", and even in potential propaganda like "Our Friend, the Atom."

    Do I trust G.E. today? ... no way. Exxon, Phillip Morris, and some of these other companies, which have patronized Disney attractions and pavillions in the past are managed by people of questionable ethics, at best. Disney, itself, is now run by people I do not like. Publicly-traded corporations invite this corruption because of their corporate governance structures that keep management insulated from shareholders and the other publics the institution serves. Fix that problem, and a corporate future may look good again.

    Ironically enough, Roy Disney, Stanley Gold, and the "Save Disney" campaign were on the verge of creating a whole revolution in corporate America, but, sadly, most of the investors in Disney have been too timid to see the process through to completion, so we may be stuck with a Board that is just as corrupt and ineffective as ever.

    I do not blame the former Directors for agreeing to not propose an alternate slate; I blame the majority of Disney shareholders who unwisely failed to support change on the Board.
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    Re: Would You Be Happy with the Tomorrowland?

    First, I would put better themeing in similar to WDW's. The WDW is alot more cooler looking and more realistic and fatasey-like.

    Astro Orbiter is moved back to the top of the platform, and also is rethemed more like WDW's.

    The rocks are removed.

    Star Tours will get a rehab when George Lucas steps in to work on it with new special effects and a more immersive experience.

    Tear Down the People Mover track and re-build it along the sides of the buildings. ( the current track kinda blocks the whole view of Tomorrowland from the hub ) It will be brought back as the Tomorrowland Transit Authority with a whole new futuristic narration, and canopies over the tracks like WDW's so the viecles won't have to have roofs over them.

    Murals: GONE. I've never liked them that much. The Buzz mural can move over the the exterior of Space Mountain because I do kinda like it, but Star Tours mural is gone for good.

    HISTA: Removed for a new movie. Please no tie-ins with Sky High. That would be aweful and won't fit the theme of Tomorrowland. I've come up with the idea of a 3-D Time Traveling demonstration where the time machine back fires and sends the whole audience back in time where they are menaced by Dinosaurs, and more. The star cade will make room for the qeue and entrance.

    The old enterance to HISTA will make way for a better enterance for Space Mountain because with the HISTA enterance there, it made it look like the Space mountain building was the Imagination Institute. So, this will kinda bring order to things.

    Cosmic Waves: Big, brand new fountain.

    Club Buzz: Retheme to loose the Buzz theme because a Buzz ride, shop and resturaunt all in one land is over kill. Simply theme it to a futuristic eatery. THe stage will be re fitted to have an animatronic alien band play music every once in a while.

    Innoventions will be removed to make way for The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encoutner like the former WDW attraction. Yes, I know its gone, but replacing it was a BIG mistake at WDW, and it would make a perfect addition to DL.

    Autopia will stay, but with a major rehab. All the cars will be re fitted to run on electric energy instead of gas. Along the route, alot more futuristic themeing will be added like satalites, robots, and hitch-hiking aliens. The whole "cars are alive" theme will be trashed. Why? Because its stupid!!!!

    Sub will come back in all their glory, but PLEASE NO NEMO!!!!! I would much perfer the subs be back with new technology, new story, and better special effects. No movie tie-ins. Disney has had enough of those.

    As for the monorail, new trains should do find. Except, air conditioning must be added to the trains! Its not very futuristic having the windows open as an excuse for air conditioning. The ones at WDW have air-condtioning so why can't DL's?

    Well, those are all my thoughts and opinions on DL. Hope you took time to read that, because it took a very long time to type!
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    Re: Would You Be Happy with the Tomorrowland?

    Works for me.

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    Re: Would You Be Happy with the Tomorrowland?

    Having the Peoplemover track run down the center works fine. If it were on the side of buildings, Tomorrowland would look kind of bland in the front area.

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