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    Re: Animation Building Changes for DCA

    golly scarecrow you made the light at the end of the tunnel the headlight of an on coming train.. =/

    If 2-D's dead then is Miyazaki a zombie? *shrugs*

    getting back on topic, don't scrap the "rough sketches" for a stupid meet and greet! we already have the lobby for that! (plus I got inspiration for some of my characters from that art area goodbye goodstuff! )

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    Re: Animation Building Changes for DCA

    The pavillion is depressing because Disney animation is dead.

    Imagineering may want to broaden the scope of the attractions there to encompass the studios as a whole, at least, until someone at The Company realizes what a colossal mistake Eisner made when he closed the Feature Animation department.

    Maybe the Disney Princesses could burn Eisner in effigy a few times a day. That kind of show would definitely increase attendance. It could be a musical. The lyrics to the mob song, "Kill the Beast", might be rewritten. All the animators could stab Eisner through the gut with giant pencils and, then, dip paintbrushes in his blood.

    I can see the title already: One Man's Dream II: Walt's Revenge.

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