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    Talking 9/13/2007 Trip Report

    I went to Disneyland for the first time in about 9 months last Friday and thought I'd post a little trip report.

    First of all, I hated Nemo (mild spoilers about the ride so if you haven't been on it skip this paragraph). I wasn't expecting to be blown away like the first time I rode Indy but even still it was completely underwhelming. I waited about an hour and a half (about 1:15 more than my next-longest wait that day). It's nice having the subs moving in the lagoon but the actual ride was just pretty boring. The first part before you go into the show building is slow and there's not much to look at, and once you get into the buildings and the show begins it's not much better. Only one effect was very good (the volcano) and I didn't particularly like the animated fish. It might have been my seat (I was to the right of the driver, so there was a space of wall with no porthole on my left) but I'd often hear the characters' voices but not be able to see them. Overall, I wouldn't ride it again unless it was a walk-on, and even then I might just go on Star Tours instead.

    I like the progress on Midway Mania and I'm really excited for the ride to open, I think it'll be a lot of fun. I like Monster's Inc. more and more as I ride it, too. And Tower of Terror is probably my favorite ride in the entire park at this point, it's just so much fun.

    It wasn't very crowded on Friday at all, although towards the end of the day Disneyland had a lot of people in it. I got on Buzz and when I exited I noticed that the walkways were really crowded. I saw people getting a spot for the fireworks 2 1/2 hours early, which I've never seen before (though I assume this is because Fantasmic wasn't playing).

    That's about it! Sorry there are no pictures.

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    Re: 9/13/2007 Trip Report

    Sorry to hear that you didn't like Nemo. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I liked the nastalgia of just being on the subs too. I love ToT as well. I could ride it hundreds of times and still love it. Same goes for HM and POTC.
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