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    May entertainment schedule is now available at

    Looks like we will get the new Remember Fireworks show 7 days a week in May...

    The Parade of Dreams will be offered twice daily on weekends (about 4 and 7 PM), and once daily during the week (7 PM), of course there is a special schedule for May 5th.

    The Block Party Bash (listed under Entertainment, NOT Parades) will be offered once daily, around 5:30 PM.
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    Just a minor amendment to Darkbeer's post --
    one two parade days for the Parade of Dreams, they will be at 4pm and 7:45pm. and Block Party will be 5:30pm on Mon-Thur and 5:15 on Fri-Sun.

    and YAY for BP not being listed as Parades because it definitely is NOT one. Parade of Dreams can be listed on BOTH Entertainment and Parades though because it's half and half.

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