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    Hopper to AP question?

    So I think I heard somewhere before that if you buy a hopper ticket that you can upgrade it to an AP at the park. Is this true? If so, do you have to do it the very first day before you use any of the days or do they give you time to decide, like so we get 5 extra days at the end of the next year. We seriously want AP's again, deluxe this time since it's inly $40 more then they 5 day pass now, and what's a summer weekend anyway right? Oh and anyone can get deluxe right? That's not just a so-cal thing is it? Someone with the knowledge please respond. Thanks....

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    Re: Hopper to AP question?

    I ususally recommend folks upgrade to an AP on the LAST day of their trip, to avoid blockout days, and to take advantage of things like Early Entry, the ESPN Zone Game Card, and if they have it, the enhanced FASTPASS option...n (All part of the ParkHopper). Anyone can buy a Premium or Deluxe, and Disney has sold the SoCal and SoCal Select to folks outside of Southern California. Not sure of thier current policy, it keeps changing....

    To upgrade, just take your AP to the Bank of Main Street.
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