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    Re: Why aren't there more Audio Animatronics Attractions?

    As a person who just built an (admittedly minor) AA, and tried to maintain it for a month and a half of continuous operation, I can say that the cost must be the problem. But for those who say that the wow factor is gone etc, that is like saying that live theater has lost it's wow. I think that live theater will always be better than movies, but again it is the expense and maintenance.

    I think everything has pretty much lost it's wow factor. I hardly ever go see a movie anymore that is not in 3D. There is nothing we can do about the fact that extraordinary things continue to become more and more everyday as everyone increases the amount of time they spend experiencing modern entertainment.

    I don't think that means they should give up though and focus only on thrill rides or VR rides. They just need to focus on the story just like the motion picture guys. The story and the immersion in an invironment makes a great attraction, and you should use a smattering of all technologies to tell it. Then people will want to see your attraction.
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    Re: Why aren't there more Audio Animatronics Attractions?

    oh yes, I was thinking that Arnold should be dressed as
    Hercules for one those Disney Photo Ads
    OMG you are a genius! haha.

    Well, I think that the technology is getting more and more amazing. It's really worth the cost; I'd rather see some amazing AAs in Little Mermaid or something than, i don't know, major hotal or DD expansion. Here's hoping!

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    Re: Why aren't there more Audio Animatronics Attractions?

    Quote Originally Posted by RangerSyl View Post
    I do believe the Auctioneer is still the test ground for new technologies. It seems every time I see him, his movements are more intricate. I saw him today and his fingers were moving! Looks like they were trying to make his hands expressive.
    He's definitely gotten more expressive- almost to about to put his head in his hands at one point. What really made me notice, though, was visiting DLP's POTC ride a few weeks after visiting Anaheim's this summer- there's better upkeep in Anaheim and more updating as well. I suspect that's the AA emphasis right now.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaliforniaAdventurer View Post
    It's funny how even though HomeDepot sells AA reindeer and Santas and such for home displays, we love looking at robotic characters in the Disney parks.
    Because they're far more intricate. I don't think any of the AAs you can get in a box store move more than the dark ride figures if that. Plus they don't have nearly as many functions. There's lots of dancing figures, which allow for less precision, and the external skin and clothes create some of the movement- creating a bit of a cheat. I've "skinned" dancing hamsters and there's alot of movement just in its latex coat.

    The Jack Sparrow figures have the smoothness I see in the prototype hostesses and tour guides coming out of Asia to be plugged on the Today Show. Smooth movement, freestanding hair that moves along and helps sell the figure... How soon humanoid robots become household items probably will affect AAs in the park. But it'll be decades before you'll see an AA Jack Skellington wandering the park, with the right proportions a live actor can't give. And I think there will always be handlers.

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    Re: Why aren't there more Audio Animatronics Attractions?

    re the jack sparrow AA: On one ride through potc my dad and I were seated behind a group of teens. They were doing the usual teen thing, hollering down the drops and poking at each other. And then we reached the first jack AA.

    They all froze and stared at this AA until it was out of sight. Then they started arguing about whether or not it was real. And then came the second jack AA.

    One of the boys shouted and waved to the second jack AA then jumped several inches out of his seat. He whipped around and shouted, "That one's real too! I waved and he winked at me! That one winked at me!"

    They spent the rest of the ride waving madly to AAs and declaring which ones were real people and which ones were robots. I had so much trouble keeping from laughing hysterically.

    I say this as an example of how AAs are still fascinating. If you can cause that kind of reaction in teens, causing them to be that surprised and involved in trying to figure it out, you're doing something right. There definately should be more AAs of this caliber. It's a superb example of the sort of technology Walt was fascinated with. I think something like a wild west ride in DCA would be one of the best places to add more of these in. Not a thrill ride like big thunder, but something more like pirates, with saloons, gold mining, and gun fights happening all around your vehicle which could be sort of like a stage coach. And near the end things could suddenly "go wrong!" causing a little extra speed to the end. That would be awesome.

    ...Eesh, that was a long post. But I wanted to share, gosh dern it.

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