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    I'm bailin' out!! I'll see YOU at Disneyland on the 17th!!

    I thought I would start a thread that everyone could go to when they are getting ready to leave for the anniversary weekend at the Disneyland. It doesn't matter if your going for a day or a week, if you wanna say goodbye to reality and hello to Disn-ality this is the place to do it.

    So I'm leaving Fresno tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 9 am. I'll be attending the "Magical Memories Event" and I will see ALL OF YOU on Sunday.
    See ya there!!
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    Yay! Have a safe trip there Charlie.
    I leave tomorrow (technically today) at 8:30am, with one stop in Salt Lake I will be at John Wayne at noon California time! See you at Disneyland.

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    Talking Re: I'm bailin' out!! I'll see YOU at Disneyland on the 17th!!

    I leave tomorrow (Friday) at 7:18am and should be into LAX around 9:30am and hopefully into DL by 12noon.
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    Re: I'm bailin' out!! I'll see YOU at Disneyland on the 17th!!

    I leave Chicago at about 6:45 am. on Saturday the 16th. Hope to be at the castle by noon.. 7 glorious days at Disneyland. My t-shirt says "First time guest"

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    Re: I'm bailin' out!! I'll see YOU at Disneyland on the 17th!!

    WooHoo, newbie and wife leave tomorrow afternoon (Friday). Hope to see you there......
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