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    Do they still sell 7 day passes?

    When my husband and I went two years ago, we bought a 7 day pass from Disney Travel (or whatever they're called). This year I've been searching the net and can't find any info or prices on 7 day passes. Am I just not looking in the right places? Is an annual pass a better idea? We're going to be in southern Cal for two weeks in late November/early December and will more then likely spend a whole week visiting DL. Would appreciate your words of wisdom on the matter

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    Re: Do they still sell 7 day passes?

    Just get yourself an AP. Make sure you look at the black out dates first, but a deluxe AP is only 209 bucks. Not much more than a 5 day pass.
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    Re: Do they still sell 7 day passes?

    if you have the money, they will sell you ANY pass you like.
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