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Thread: Fastpass?

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    Do you guys ever notice that Fastpass at DLR seem to stay available longer than at the other parks around the world. At DCA, FP for Soarin' seem to be available until closing but at EPCOT, FP for Soarin' are always gone by noon. I know what you might think. DCA is less popular so FP are more available, but it's with many other attractions too. Maybe it's just the days that I go...

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    Re: Fastpass?

    It's actually just in the last few months that Soarin' FP's have been available after the early-afternoon. For DCA's previous 6 years (except for on REALLY slow days), Soarin' FP's were generally gone pretty early.

    Soarin' is still the newest ride at Epcot and is very popular there.

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