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    Question AP's for children????

    My family (two adults and two kids 6 & 3) will be going to DLR twice this upcoming year and I'm trying to determine if it is worth it to buy two sets of 4 day Parkhopper passes or become an AP? Does DLR offer a discount for a 3 year old AP or is it the same and an adults? It seems like the Parkhopper idea might be the best, but I'm not sure. Help!

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    Re: AP's for children????

    There are no discounts for kids APs that I am aware of. My daughter is 3 and has an AP and I had to pay the same price as I did for mine.

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    Re: AP's for children????

    Buy the APs, then you can be part of the AP club.

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    Re: AP's for children????

    4 Deluxe AP's would run you $1036. 2 adult and 2 kids 4 day park hoppers are $656 if you buy in advance. So if you went twice the AP would be the better deal.

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