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    Talking never met any mice chatters

    ok, i've never met anybody from mice chat, but i'll be there on the 17th bright and early. so look for a shirt with . . .

    on the front, and . . .

    on the back. i put a "mice chat" logo on the left sleeve. if you see me, SAY HI!! i really wanna meet you guys!! matt will be with me too, but probably sleeping. . .

    thanks guys!!

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    Re: never met any mice chatters

    I will keep an eye out for you. I plan on wearing my Club 33 shirt and you can see from my avatar what I look like.

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    Re: never met any mice chatters

    You'll probably see me. I'll be the one getting in line for Space Mountain over and over again. Unfortunately I won't be there the 17, cause of blockout dates on my pass. . But I'll be there on the 29 getting in line for Space Mountain over and over again.

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    Re: never met any mice chatters

    I've never met anyone either; looking forward to the plaza thing and the filling the carousel thing. Probably will be wearing a classic Disney tshirt, and my wife and I will definitely have these on.....

    Looking forward to meeting all of you.
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    Talking Re: never met any mice chatters

    Although I won't be able to make it there on sunday, I just had to tell you that your shirt design looks amazing.

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    Re: never met any mice chatters

    Watch out, they bite if you dont give them a cookie now and then

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