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    Possible Soft Opening for Small World Holiday

    My family and I will be at Disneyland on November 6th. "It's a Small World" Holiday is scheduled to open on November 9th.

    Do they ever finish ahead of schedule? Is there a chance of a soft opening prior to the 9th?

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    Re: Possible Soft Opening for Small World Holiday

    It would be a stretch for it to open that much earlier if at all. I believe Haunted Mansion Holiday this year actually didnt open at park opening the first day, I think it was a couple hours late.

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    Re: Possible Soft Opening for Small World Holiday

    Usually with HMH and IASWH they dont open until the day of and even than they're usually working up til the last minute to get it all together...They have to get it all put in and than tested to make sure it'll work and it does take quiet some time....

    But ya never know!

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    Re: Possible Soft Opening for Small World Holiday

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    As far as IASW opening early.... anything is possible, but they usually stick pretty close to schedule with putting up the overlays on the rides.

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    Re: Possible Soft Opening for Small World Holiday

    I agree with the others. They've been doing this for a few years, and I would guess that this is as fast as they can (or want to) work on it.
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