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    Quote Originally Posted by Whatever
    My wife used to live right behind the Convention Center and they (fireworks) never bothered them or the neighbors, at least I've never heard any complaints from her family. People who live in the vicinity of DL know, or shold know by now that Anaheim is a "company town." It's no different, really, then living close to a train track or a fire station. This has been going on for quite some time, and it's not like the majority of folks that live there didn't know DL was there when they moved in...
    I agree. I dont understand people's protest about the noise the fireworks make. The train track runs right behind my house and a couple trains pass by nightly. I have lived here my whole life and never woken up from the trains. People who just move into the neighborhood adjust very quickly and nobody ever complains (at least to my knowledge). So I don't understand how the noise of nearby fireworks in Anaheim.. fireworks that are SO routine, are bugging Disneylands neighbors...

    I can understand the complaint about pollution... but really... Its not like the air is very clean in big cities anyways...

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    oooh. thanks for the heads up on the fireworks being IMAGINE. I actually am glad that it's back because I didn't get to see it that many times before it went away. And it just makes sense to put Imagine out again - why spend extra money for a new soundtrack when you already created one that only showed for less than a year? This definitely adds to the conjecture that these fireworks are for TESTING the new firework effects. I'm gonna try and make it down there to watch it as much as possible!

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