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Thread: Trip Advice

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    Trip Advice

    Okay, I am planning a trip for the week before Christmas. We will be staying for five nights. Does anyone have any tips or advice for that time of year? How crowded is it usually? And...What do you think of the Embassy Suites Anaheim South? Is it too far away, etc.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Re: Trip Advice

    I would think you could find some sort of "package" deal. Go online and see what the local hotels have to offer. Also, try the city of Anaheim for a deal.

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    Re: Trip Advice

    Trust me, right now nobody is looking past this weekend.

    The week before Christmas is a wonderful time to go, though. Search the forum and find many mentions of the decorations, the atmosphere, the crowds...

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    Re: Trip Advice

    One of our trips each year is for the Christmas Holiday. We have narrowed it down to arriving sunday night of the Thanksgiving weekend and stay for the week. Very light crowds, with all of the X-mas benefits.

    The week after Thanksgiving is the least crowded, and then it progressively gets worse up to the Holiday. Stay away the week between X-mas and New Years, unless you like summertime-like crowds...(we don't).

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