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    Disney(land,World, etc.) on Video

    When you're not at Disneyland, Disney World, Tokyo, ect., do you relive the magic of the parks online? Sure its not the same, but you can still remember whats going on while on the rides. We got any On-Ride, Parade, etc., video watchers here? Personally, I've ended up watching rides like Splash Mountain and Big Thunder so much, I have the layout memorized!

    Feel free to show decent videos of Disney park related stuff. Doesn't have to just be Disneyland!

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    So is the consensus that Splash Mountain would be way more exciting than Jungle Cruise at Disneyland Paris?

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    well thats none of your buisness

    Re: Disney(land,World, etc.) on Video

    I do, all the time look for video of the rides and views. maybe some one can come up with some good thru the parks shots of Walt Disney world , I have not found as many as disneyland.

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    Re: Disney(land,World, etc.) on Video

    I used to avoid stuff like that with unrivaled zeal--I wanted to preserve the magic just for those rare occasions when I got to visit the park. But over the years, I've given in. Now, there are very few days when I don't see photos or video of Disneyland online--at the very least, the detailed aerial photos I use for reference in my modeling project. Because of this project, I've had to deeply familiarize myself with the layout of the place, so I've developed a better three-dimensional real-world understanding of attractions like Indiana Jones and Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion than most people who don't work for Disney. I've had to shift my priorities from one sort of magic to another. Still love the place.

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    Re: Disney(land,World, etc.) on Video

    I am one of those that has a bunch of videos from the park downloaded. More for my 3 year old than for me. It started after our last trip when he was 2 (a year ago this week in fact) - when we came home he would still ask for Jungle Cruise or the Treehouse, so I went to VF and got the videos. Now he still asks but the list keeps getting longer as we are planning another trip (51 days!) and his older sister is getting him all excited about the big kid rides he is more than tall enough to ride. Watching the videos hopefully will make them a little less scary to a 3 year old, ya know?
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    Re: Disney(land,World, etc.) on Video

    I love watching videos of the park. It gives me the chance to be there even when I am not.
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