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    Re: Tues. July 19th Post- 50th Chaos meet

    Awww, Bob I'm sorry I missed hanging with you again. It's always an honor to be around you!!!! I won't be in the park at least until Aug 7th!!! I need a wee break lad........
    Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
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    Re: Tues. July 19th Post- 50th Chaos meet

    Just got back home. Didn't arrive there 'til 6:30ish though, finally found and bought one of the super cute SHAG lunch boxes @ Disneyana (they go very fast!) .

    P.S. saw one of the Cast Exclusive Canoe Races pins on ebay (also super cute!), when do these people have time to paddle!!!! Good luck guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmainstreet
    Thanx for dropping by and saying hi to me guys. I had totally forgotten about the meet. Hope you all had a great time.

    Canoe Races. An annual competition for cast members to form teams and is a competition to see which team can lose by the most to the team formed entirely Davy Crocket Explorer Canoe cast members.
    Oh anytime! It was fun to finally see you at your home on Main Street so I am glad Bob was able to track you down. Too bad you didn't have clothes to change into. I do have some cute photos from today that I will post on friday/saturday when I'm no on dialup. Until then.. I hope to see some of you tomorrow.

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