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    Kellogs/ Disney Promotions

    I was at Hy-Vee today getting Rice Krispies to make RK Treats with and found this on the box:
    (sorry, my digital camera isn't working)

    Official certificate: Get your limited edition collectable pin in the mail or at the following Disney Destinations:

    In California:
    Store Command- DLR
    Greetings from California- DCA
    World of Disney- DTD

    In Florida-
    Disney Pin Trader's- DTD

    In New York City:
    World of Disney

    Collect three of these official certificates. Bring them to the location of your choice to get your pin.

    Offer expires 9/30/06 or while supplies last.
    You can also mail the certificates in and S/H is free- the pin costs nothing and the certificates are on any marked Kellogg cereal. I can't find a pic of the pin online but it is really cute- I am very impressed by it. It is shaped like a big yellow mickey mouse head and has mickey, donald, and goofy in teacups. It says "Disney's Happiest Celebration on Earth" Approx size is 1 1/2 ".

    There appears to be no Kellogg's anything on the front of this pins (there is probably something on the back) but IMO, this is a great little promotion and a great little 50th trinket.


    EDIT- I almost forgot- there is an instant win sweepstakes inside each box- it sounds like they are giving away one sleepover at DLR and WDW! The back of the box says:

    Imagine a sensational sleepover in the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida or Disneyland Resort in California. Imagine a few Disney and Pixar characters joining in on the fun of the buggest celebration ever! And, Imagine being able to stay up late watching your favorite Disney films- all night long if you want!
    This ounds kind of fun. Or maybe totally lame, but hey, its the closest I can get to anniversary magic, so I thought I would share.
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    Re: Kellogs/ Disney Promotions

    Sounds like fun...and easier to handle than buying 50 boxes of Corn Flakes to try and get the 50 "wobblers" or whatever they're called.
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