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    Space Mountain Bloopers & Blunders 7/15

    I have question?

    Who are these opening ceremonies for anyway? I was at DL the morning of July 15th. for the big Re-Launch of Space Mountain. I wasnt expecting much and was surprised when I got absolutly nothing. The "Ribbon Cutting", if you will (I dont know if there was one becasue I couldnt see what was going on), took place high up-top on the roof of the Imagination Institute, completly out of sight from anyone who would have any interest in what was going on.

    I learned that only invited guests and media was able to view. But, WHY?

    They dont really care about it. Was it on TV? Why? I would think anyone who would be interested would be at the park!!!! If it was on TV, I shouldve stayed home, slept in, watched it, then went to the park. FREAK!

    If no one was gonna see it, why didnt they do their dumb little ceremony before they park opened and avoided the massive crowd in TL (note: they also had the Fountain Ball area ropped off for no aparent reason), who was waiting for S.M., which didnt open untill after 10am.

    And if they just had to do the ceremony on the 'effin roof while thousands of mislead paying guests crammed in to TL why didnt they broadcast it throughout the park? They already had the big screens set up for the 50th? When I asked a CM (not one in a costume, but one of those mid-level college grad types who are prob overpaid) if they were gonna closed circuit broadcast they ceremony, he looked at me like this , and said, "hmm, that would have been a good idea".

    Freak, who do you have to sleep with to get something done right? J/K, I could be way off and totally wrong but it just seemed dumb, disorganised and a waste of time.

    There now I feel better!
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    Re: Space Mountain Bloopers & Blunders 7/15

    I heard people with the same complaints. you should check out Sue K's new column on mice age and she will tell you everything she went through.

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    Re: Space Mountain Bloopers & Blunders 7/15

    It's for Idiots Like Micheal Eisner to get his picture taken with a BIG pair of scissors.
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    Re: Space Mountain Bloopers & Blunders 7/15

    Why do they do it durring mid day and shut of the ride to paying guests? LIke you said, they should have used common sense and done it BEFORE the park opened. If all they were going to do was force people to wait till 10 to ride space mountain, and have a ceremony that only birds can view, why did they do it durring hours? Completely pointless........ OH well....

    Disney is a professional at making guests happy, but sometimes they can really make people mad.

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