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    I have tryed to control the hojo webcam (mattercam) many times, but it wont let me. How do I control it myself?

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    Re: Mattercam

    Yeah i was just having the same problem!

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: Mattercam

    Okay, I assume you can bring up the blue Sony Network Camera page from the main Hojo Anaheim page ( It says "Click here to control the camera yourself")

    I always choose the Java Applet Viewer because I have never been able to get the ActiveX viewer to work.

    From here, you should see 2 control menua on the left (frame rate and view size). If you can't see those, you probably need to change the resolution on your monitor. At the top of the screen, therer is a camera icon with the word "control" under it. When you click this, a white box will appear under the "fram rate" and "view size" pull downs on the left side of the screen. Again, if you don't see this box, you need to change the resolution on your screen (I use 1280x1024). If there is no one else in line, you will now have control of the camera.

    The first thing you'll notice are the arrows used to move the camera. My advice, DO NOT USE THE ARROWS!! They are bulky, and don't allow you to move the camera with any accuracy. You'll see a new pull down menu with many preset destinations, which are great. I recommend newbies use these to move the camera about.

    To manually move the camera, click the "PT Mode" button. The arrows will disappear, and a white grid will appear. Clicking on the grid will move the camera to the corresponding spot. For example, if the camera is aimed at Matterhorn, and you click on the left side of the white grid, the camera will move toward Space Mountain. You will be able to make much more subtle movements with the camera using the grid, rather than the arrows.

    Hope this helps! The Mattercam is great!
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