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    What Ever Happened to the Disneyana Conventions?

    Good Afternoon MiceChat Community. I am new to this site and I am absolutely delighted to find a place of many kindred spirits! I have been a Disney Collector for only a few years but I keep reading and hearing about some type of Disneyana conventions that used to be held at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Do these still occur? If not what happened??? Would love to know! Thank you!

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    Re: What Ever Happened to the Disneyana Conventions?

    Independent Disney clubs had been doing Disneyana conventions for years, when finally Disney decided they needed to get in on the action and they built their own. First couple were fine, but IMHO and experience, they just didn't understand the market. At almost every one of the Disney run conventions there were many complaints about merchandise allocation and opportunities, scheduling, events, pricing, etc, etc. I heard Disney screwed up the last couple so bad that Disney (and the public) decided they weren't worth it any longer, and so Disney stopped doing them.

    I even heard from many of the Disney and outside guest artists, that they didn't like how they were treated at Disney's Disneyana Conventions (though many just sucked it up and didn't complain publicly because the money was sometimes good or they wished to remain employed).

    But perhaps they are now having second thoughts...because while in Walt Disney World for EPCOT's 25 Anniversary earlier this month...a small rumor trickled down from a contact in Marketing that they were re-considering doing them again.

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    Re: What Ever Happened to the Disneyana Conventions?

    Hi WEDCollector, welcome!

    There are Disneyana conventions that aren't done by Disney, but the National Fantasy Fan Club (NFFC). They usually have one with guest speakers (Disney artists and legends) in the middle of July in Anaheim, and one in the fall in Orlando. It's usually a week of activities and ends with a big show and sale. Anaheim also hosts a smaller show and sale in January.

    The show and sales are much like a Disney swap meet, where they rent rooms in a big hotel and set out long tables for merchants. They actually include Disney artists and authors, like Robert Olszewski and Neal Gabler. However much of the merchants are everyday people who have a lot of collectibles, antiques and junk. One highlight was that WDI had a table at the NFFC show this last July and sold shirts, hats, pins, and general souveniers.

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