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    Ridemax says Nemo line is 70 minutes even at closing time--true?

    I'm hoping to get in line for Nemo right before closing one night on my trip Oct 31st through Nov 5th.

    Would 8 pm on a weekday be better than midnight on a weekend?

    Is Ridemax a little overly pessimistic here? I've been reading on this board and others that the line at closing is more like 45 minutes.

    Another Nemo question: my family is really good at being first at rope drop (we are often the first on Peter Pan, the usual first stop)--since we seem to be able to do this all the time, should we maybe try Nemo first thing instead? Is it true that Nemo seems to be broken down first thing in the morning anyway?

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    Re: Ridemax says Nemo line is 70 minutes even at closing time--true?

    On Fridays and Sundays at 11:30PM I've seen the Nemo line start where the planters in front of the attraction are. On weekdays the line was about an hour at 7:50PM. Your best bet if you absolutely don't want to wait is a weekend night before closing.

    On one Sunday at 11:45PM it was almost a walk-on. Only waited for one boat to be loaded.

    RideMax is full of it. Even at it's worst, I would put the wait time at 45 minutes after the fireworks and the park empties out a little bit.

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    Re: Ridemax says Nemo line is 70 minutes even at closing time--true?

    We were there, um... 8? 9?
    Line was about 45 minutes. Oh this was this past Sunday
    It was at least 70 mins earlier in the day.
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    Re: Ridemax says Nemo line is 70 minutes even at closing time--true?

    I highly, highly doubt that it is 70 minutes right before closing.

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    Re: Ridemax says Nemo line is 70 minutes even at closing time--true?

    Rode it Sat night, around 10:00 and MAYBE 40 - 45 min. Actually, while it is cute, our group was a bit disappointed. We could all see the "black box" (sorta like the faint black background of a TV) around all the characters. Again, cute, and completely and totally thankful for the Subs back (Hey, I'll take em however I can get them)...

    But, not worth a 2-3 hour wait. IMHO
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