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    50th trip report

    Well, it looks like I'm one of the first back so I'll give a brief recap. Forgive my grammar. I am absolutely exhausted. (and I have a sunburn that surprisingly is the exact shape of Mickey ears on my face)

    We arrived at 2:30am, expecting the crowds to be light. We were wrong. There were already about 10 thousand people on line. We stood waiting for a few hours, not cold, not sleepy, just energized. We finally got past security around 5. We headed into DCA while still dark, with our new golden ears and a specially designed park map that had the regular map on one side and a replica of the opening day guide on the other. Very cool keepsake. The line snaked all through DCA and we ended up in front of the ferris wheel. We napped a bit (concrete and wood make such wonderful mattresses but we didn't care).

    Around 6:30, the line started moving. We made our way to the gates and were pleasantly surprised to find that we would not be going through the turnstiles at DL. We walked right through a gate and were absolutely floored by what we saw next. All of Main Street was lined with lots of cast members all with big smiles on their faces telling us "Good morning" and "Welcome Home". Everyone from execs to ride operators to janitors. It was incredibly touching and something we will always remember.

    The next thing we noticed was that everyone was headed either to the hub for the opening ceremonies or the merchandise line, which was huge. Nobody was going on rides! We decided to hit the Haunted Mansion and had the whole elevator to ourselves. It was very trippy and very cool. The three of us were the only ones in the whole attraction. After, we met up with more an more people and rode the train around the entire park (and then some). The opening ceremonies were occuring at the time and while it was kind of sad to miss them, they replayed the whole thing later in the day. What made up for it was that we got to ride in the caboose. it was the first time I have ever ridden in the caboose and that was really cool. We had some lunch and then about 30 of us hit Pirates. After pirates, we hit the Micechat meet and got to see many old friends and meet some new ones. Very cool.

    Then came the infamous carousel adventure. We gave Not Afraid her wish and filled the ride with her friends. We sang happy birthday to Disneyland and did the wave and had a blast. Very memorable time. A bit later, we watched as they broadcast Walt's opening day speech throughout the park at the exact same time that it occurred 50 years ago. It brought tears to my eyes and was simple, yet so moving.

    From this point, the heat and sleeplessness got to us and, as much as we wanted to see fireworks, we were just totally out of steam. Still, we hated to leave the place.

    I have to say this one thing before I go. Logistically, I think that Disney handled the huge crowd that showed up in the early hours, absolutely flawlessly. The line moved quickly once we got past security. Disney DID offer the blackout tickets, contrary to prior reports. The cast members couldn't have been friendlier. The crowds were great and I think everything went off without a hitch. I was very impressed.

    Ok, thats enough. I'm sure everyone will have tons more to post.
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    Re: 50th trip report

    Good report!

    Sorry to hear about the sunburn though.

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