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    Thumbs up Re: C33's Wayback Machine: DCA 2001

    and here are 2 other maps from DCA's early entertainment offerings:

    #1.Disney's LuminAria (the christmas water/firework show that only lasted one christmas season.

    2. DISNEYS ALADDIN A MUSICAL SPECTACULAR (if im correct that's DeeDee Magno she was Jasmine when the show first started)

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    Re: C33's Wayback Machine: DCA 2001

    My personal favorite (I say that with much sarcasm) was when they combined the Disneyland/DCA maps onto one big map. When you unfolded it it was like holding a newspaper in front of you; I was surprised people weren't just walking into each other all of the time holding these things.

    The only time they were useful was at home, if you wanted to plan your route across the resort between the two parks.

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    Re: C33's Wayback Machine: DCA 2001

    Ahhh opening day at DCA- My memory is that my wife and I decided to just go check out the new place just because we could say we saw it. The media scared a lot of folks from coming so we were able to explore the new park without very long waits. We have always enjoyed DCA because of it having different rides and attractions. I wouldn't say that the theming is on par with D-land, but we still enjoy ourselves. In particular, I am a gardener and more particularly have many fruit trees in my back yard. When I go to DCA I will walk around the bountiful harvest area checking out the different trees they have and seeing how they are doing and what stage they are at in blooming or fruit production and such (I do the same in tomorrowland). On average my trees at home are about 2 or 3 weeks behind the trees at DCA in production (probably because of the amounts of direct sunlight) so it is fun to compare.

    I think alot of people would be amazed at the variety of fruit (fig, pomegranate, macadamia nut [one is next to the Haunted Mansion and one in DCA] persimmon, loquat and of course the many grapes, citrus, etc...) that does grow at DCA and D-land if they knew what they were looking at. Maybe a map would be appropriate.

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    Re: C33's Wayback Machine: DCA 2001

    Quote Originally Posted by IMAGINE View Post
    great picture...I never really realised how much there WASN'T in the park...we have come quite a ways for just 6 years...
    There really isn't that much more in the park, than there was when
    it opened. It's just that they've gotten rid of a lot of stuff and
    "experimented" even more.

    The ONLY areas that were expanded were Flik's Fun Fair and ToT.
    Both of those were announced at DCA's 1st Birthday, primarily because
    the attendance wasn't what they expected. The rest of the park,
    with the exception of the Hollywood section is relatively unchanged.

    A few restaurants closed all over the park. They rushed building and
    opened Millionaire, and then closed it. They Closed Superstar Limo, and
    after sitting unused for several years reopened at Monsters. Steps in Time
    changed to Blast and changed to Aladdin. Hollywood and Dine closed
    and Blocked off, Soap Opera Bistro started offering Tours, closed, and
    became Playhouse Disney. Animation Areas have changed out a few things.
    MSEP was brought back to bring back DCA from the dead, Soon after
    Eureka! closed. The streetmosphere acts are practically dead and gone.
    They've basically cycled through some stuff and not much has stuck.

    THANKFULLY, we know some LONG anticipated attractions are on the way!
    And a new grander entrance is on the way, But unfortunately, with the
    exception of The Little Mermaid attraction, the rest of Paradise Pier and
    Route 66 is STILL going to have a sucky theme and unimaginative rides,
    the kind that you can find anywhere. And that includes Midway Mania,
    because despite the technology, it doesn't promise to be much more
    than a couple artificial carney games purporting to be a dark ride. Sadly,
    until they do an ACTUAL NEW THEME FOR PP, The Pier thing is going to
    continue dragging down DCA.

    I say COVER the Coaster, say FAREWELL to the Ferris Wheel, BOOM goes the Maliboomer,
    and BEE glad when you can say Orange you glad the Stingers gone!

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