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    Former Mondavi Rest. [Wine Country Trattoria]

    I think it's called Wine Country Trattoria now...

    Anyone ever eaten there?

    Thumbs up, thumbs down?


    I was walking through DCA the other day and realized I had completly forgotten that place even existed.
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    Re: Former Mondavi Rest.

    Thumbs up from me.

    Good service, huge portions, great food, and wine!

    I've had a huge salad, two types of lasagna and the chicken breast panini. All were excellent. It's the only place I'll eat in DCA.

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    Re: Former Mondavi Rest.

    We enjoy it.

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    Re: Former Mondavi Rest.

    We like the lasagna, Love the wines. Have not tried anything else. Seating on the edge of the patio and people watching is nice.
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    Re: Former Mondavi Rest.

    I'm not impressed. I have had just as good lasagna from Stouffers but it is still better than some of the other restaurants in the park.

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