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    Thumbs up A message to the Cast from Jay Rasulo

    I know all of us have been very busy and may not have had time to read the book, The Magic Begins with Me that was part of the Cast Member gifts, but I wanted to pass on Jay Rasulo's closing statements.

    On the tenth anniversary of Disneyland. Walt cautioned his Cast Members: "I just want to leave you with one thought: That it's just been sort of a dress rehearsel...So if any of you start resting on your laurels. I mean. Just forget it, because-the show goes on tomorrow." This was true four decades ago, it remains true today.

    Our first fifty years are just a beginning. As we continue to expand the exceptional standards and outstanding legacy of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts through out the world, we can never rest on past accomplishments, and never forget the traditions of quality established a half century ago.

    This legacy of distinction that you carry on every day, in everything that you do at Disney. For this extraordinary commitment, I sincerely thank you.

    The story of Cast Member excellence does not end here; this is just the beginning. The rest of the story is for us to write.

    Jay Rasulo

    And in my own closing to my fellow Cast Members who may have to work ten hour or tweleve hour days like myself, remember, You help make the dreams of millions of guest come true each and every day. Keep the dream alive!

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    Re: A message to the Cast from Jay Rasulo

    ..yet another speech about corporate priorities throughout the world and not just specifically at Disneyland...?

    Here's another view: Thanks to the cast members at Disneyland who have made and continue to make Walt's historic and original park the flagship guest-experience of the Disney Parks franchise despite a struggle to keep focus and reinvestment in the ever-changing and broadening priorities of the corporate Disney global initiative. Thanks to everyone who struggles through personal difficulties to help put on the dazzling Disneyland show Walt built 50 years ago. He would be proud of you all! Keep the legend alive...

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