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    Space Mountain Question...

    I rode Space again on the 16th and 17th and there was nothing different from when I rode during soft openings... So what the hell is that huge spinning rock inside and why isnt it lit? Is that for Rock-it mountain?

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    Re: Space Mountain Question...

    Perhaps. That makes sense. RockIt Mountain. haha.
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    Re: Space Mountain Question...

    I thought other people had mentioned that some sort or projection had been turned on and that rock was lit?? One person even had a picture of it.

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    Re: Space Mountain Question...

    I heard it was because if it was lit up, it would of course make the mountain much much lighter and provide a point of reference (so it would be so crazy and fun like it is now).
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    Re: Space Mountain Question...

    my friend said that was an astroid field and they're lighting it up but idk.
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