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    People Mover + Disney Cinema = 1 Great Ride

    Disneyland can show Steamboat Willie and other classic Mickey Mouse movies shown at the Disney Cinema while riding the People Mover. New generations can be introduce to vintage Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donld Duck. A fun way to spend a warm afternoon in Disneyland. Also, each PeopleMover can be decorated to reflect one character such as Streamboat Wille on a red background. Hello Michael Eisner! This is a great idea! Your truly, TinkWink

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    Re: People Mover + Disney Cinema = 1 Great Ride

    that would be cool, turn the people mover in to a mini great movie ride from MGM. Showcase disney animation and films. the only problem I see is that I don't know how vintage cartoons fit in with "tomorrow" land. Would work great in DCA's animation pavilion.

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    Re: People Mover + Disney Cinema = 1 Great Ride

    I still say build a second Hub for the PM, and have it used as a mode of transportation rather than having it go in just a circle. it will take people off the walkways. As for making it "Futuristic" be sure to print the "Made in China" big and put it where riders can read it.
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