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    Re: Defining Disneyland- Your guide to phrases, terms and words in the Disneyland lex

    When I worked for the Disney Stores (in the good old days) we of course called people shopping in the stores "Guests". However if there was a person who we could see was either trying to steal or con us, or was just a plain old pain in the butt, we called them "customers". We would call back to the manager and say "we have a customer here who needs your help", and the manager would know exactly what we meant.

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    Re: Defining Disneyland- Your guide to phrases, terms and words in the Disneyland lex

    Weenie: Term used to describe something used to draw your attention towards it. Examples would be Sleeping Beauty Castle drawing you into the hub area. Or the barker bird that used to draw you to the Tiki Room. The People Mover was a weenie as well.

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