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    Re: What rides just have to be open?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Sorcerer View Post
    For you to call your visit to the park "complete"?
    Nothing in particular.
    I know I'll be returning some other time, and those attractions that were closed will likely be open again.
    Since I get more than what I pay for, each visit is approximately 139.4% complete.

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    Re: What rides just have to be open?

    I definitely have major favorites that make a trip complete, though I'll still go even if they're closed. In no particular order:

    * Indy
    * Space
    * Splash
    * BTMRR
    * the Matterhorn
    * Pirates
    * the Haunted Mansion
    * Rocket Rods

    Yes, you heard me correctly. I miss the Rocket Rods. So string me up already. =P

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