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    star speeder 3,000

    So, sience they are planning on making the next star tours about the pod racers. Do you think that the star speeder in the line will be replaced by a pod racer? Will they have any reason to keep it?

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    Re: star speeder 3,000

    The pod race concept came about in the late 90's when Ep. I was all the rage. From what I understand now, Mr. Lucas has abandoned that concept. I'm pretty sure the Starspeeder 3000 will remain as is.

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    Re: star speeder 3,000

    It sould be cool if it was based on Pod Racing, then the vehicles would be Pod Racers. They have to change it to match the attraction.

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    Re: star speeder 3,000

    I doubt the Pod racer theme will be used, and I hope it isn't. Interesting sequence in TPM, but it's not a viable concept for this particular ride, in my opinion. Something very much in the vane of the current Star Tours would make a lot more sense.

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