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    Kost Party at DL on the 15th

    anybody get tickets to this event?

    anybody been before?

    looks like it starts at 9pm and closes at 1am...are all the rides open? do they do anything super cool?
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    Re: Kost Party at DL on the 15th

    I'm working it, does that count lol?

    It's a sorta once-only thing for their 25th anniversary, so you won't find anyone who's ever been to it before.

    Basically, it's a private party, the entire park, attractions, restaurants, etc., is open for those with tickets. It's like Grad Nite, except with saner people , and with more things open. There won't be any fireworks or the like, of course (I think)

    KOST might do something themselves during the event (they'll certainly be broadcasting, probably from in front of the castle), but there isn't anything especially extraordinary being arranged by DLR itself, at least that I know of.

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    Re: Kost Party at DL on the 15th

    I will be working the event also. It should be fun.
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    Re: Kost Party at DL on the 15th

    We went to Mark and Kim's (KOST) 20th anniversary Disneyland private party Feb 2006. We had so much fun. Most the rides were pretty much walk on. We are hoping to win tickets for this one!
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    Re: Kost Party at DL on the 15th

    next friday kost 103.5 is going to start the christmas music all month long yaaay.

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