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    Re: Did a new grocery store open near Disneyland?

    Went today....not impressed. Meat looked good and at the right price, but the produce was in large quantities only, even though it did look good. The rest of the store is mostly their own brand of organic products with normal groceries thrown in for choice I suppose. To keep costs down the store itself is more like Food For Less and the staff has no clue yet about customer service.

    Back to Trader Joes...much more my taste!
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    Re: Did a new grocery store open near Disneyland?

    Lisa and I stopped by the Lincoln and Western store Saurday, and decided to not buy anything, prices weren't that great and the selection was very limited, and most stuffwas pre-packaged.

    It was in a old converted Drug Store, so a lot less room than a standard supermarket.

    We will stick with Stater Bros, with an occasional trip to a "R" Ranch market or Freshia for produce, or maybe the local swap meet/farmer's market for a few produce items. (and occasionally VONS, Albertson's and Ralphs, plus Trader Joe's.)

    We had more fun at the Salvation Army Thrift Store next door.
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