Disney could give out gold bars to every single guest that walked through its gates for a full month and there would still be people that would come on here and complian that the brand stamp on the gold just wasn't artistic enough or that Disney had picked the "wrong month" or some other complaint. Nothing is good enough it appears.

I like DCA as it is to be honest. Is it perfect? No, but we always have fun when we visit it. Still, the majority on here wanted changes and some even claimed it was a "failure." So Disney put upwards of a billion dollars for changes and a super-overhaul to the second gate and what do we get? Dissappointment that Disney isn't also super plusing DL itself at the same time.
I hate it when I agree with statements like this. DL_CRAZE, I see you live a half hour from Disneyland. I'm going to guess you're an AP holder--not inherently a bad thing--who goes fairly often to the park--also not inherently a bad thing. Maybe you'd benefit immensely from taking a year off from Disneyland. Yes, that was a serious suggestion. There are plenty of people--a majority of people--who only go to Disneyland once every few years at the most. You could survive that way. It would increase your appreciation and longing for the park, and you wouldn't have to deal with this oh-so-horrible time in which Disneyland is allowed to just be...Disneyland. If the only thing you have to look forward to in a trip to DL is the new stuff, you need to stop going so often.