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    It's a Small World Holiday

    I went on IASW Holiday this morning. It looks great. From my memory though, it seems that they have added a number of new decorations to the sets. Does anyone know if this is true?

    Specifically, there have been added some things that look like snow men in the shapes of animals and such. Also there seems to be more things hanging down in the first two large rooms starting in the england section.

    It really is "beginning to look alot like Christmas..."

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    Re: It's a Small World Holiday

    It does seem like they tweak it just a little each year. Next time you're at the park, ask at City Hall. They would more than likely know if it's true.

    I can't wait to see it! We're going up in two weeks. Yippee!

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    Re: It's a Small World Holiday


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    Re: It's a Small World Holiday

    yep each year they update the new year part with the new upcoming year jk jk jk

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    Re: It's a Small World Holiday

    I would like to know the story about how the small world layover came to be.

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    Re: It's a Small World Holiday

    Darkbeer has some photos on-line:
    Brian Kolm the Atomic Bear - comics, cartoons, artwork and instruction.

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    Re: It's a Small World Holiday

    Actually, now that I think about, this is the 10th year Small World has been doing the overlay! They started doing this back in 1997!

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