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    Re: Wheelchair questions

    Thanks again for allthadvice! I plan to get there super-early in the morning to look things over.
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    Re: Wheelchair questions

    If you are by yourself, ECV all the way. A trip through the park spending a day is the equivalent several miles of walking or sometimes sloping terrain. That can be quite tiring. Of course, the number of ECVs is limited. On busy days they run out quick. It has not been unheard of for Disney to be run out by 9am. Don't even bother to be put on a waiting list, nobody turns their ECV back in until early evening anyways. So come early, like at park opening.
    If you're going the wheelchair route. Disney does have the larger wheelchairs (in case people are wondering, they do have small, kid sized wheelchairs too.) again, a finite number- but generally these don't run out. Generally folks that large simply pop for the ECVs.
    With either case, hold onto your receipt so you can get your deposit back when you are done.
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    Re: Wheelchair questions

    Barry, I'm glad you're taking care of your health, and I hope you have a fantastic day at the park!!!! I will be dealing with a couple of personality annoyances at work today or I'd totally be there!!! Today we finish doing the Nutcracker and we will be glad to have this company done and gone.

    You and your nieces look very happy in your avatar pic.
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