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    November 16, 2007 - new big figs, holiday castle lighting and misc. - A short writeup with info and pictures of two new big figs, holiday lighting on the castle, and a Halloween leftover.


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    Recycling an old thread for more merchandise news.

    Three new big figs recently released at the resort.

    1. Pie-eyed Minnie big fig: I'm not usually fond of the pie-eyed versions, but she's actually kind of cute.

    2. Pie-eyed Mickey big fig: He doesn't look as pie-eyed to me as he normally does.

    3. Big fig of Main Street, front view: The last land big fig I remember was Frontierland, with the Mark Twain. This one's pretty nice, with very bright colors. Not sure if you can see her very well, but in the middle, there's a lady dressed in Victorian clothes with a parasol. Here's a side view, of the police department and city hall: The back of the big fig, showing the cinema: Another side view, showing the opera house:

    And just because we thought it was funny/creepy/weird, here is the march of the zombie snowman apples in the window at Marceline's:

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