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    Re: Need some propsal help all!

    Quote Originally Posted by chadlingoc View Post
    No, I have not. It was really neat how he did the proposal, she was in complete shock. Brought tears to our eyes, which at least does not happen that often with me!
    I love that! I wish I woulda been there to see it.

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    Re: Need some propsal help all!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jables View Post
    Awesome guys! Thanks for all the info! Her parents will be there too since they're annual passholders too so I should be able to use them to distract her.

    And I like the idea of doing it during Fantasmic. Lighter crowds. So good! The hard part will be getting through the day now!

    I'll contact City Hall and see if they're able to set it up with the mansion ahead of time.

    Thanks again everyone!
    go and see City hall head time and that way you do not use to much time on the day you are going to do it.

    Hope she say YES!

    PS there are some CM who do HM that are on this board I hope they PM you and help you out.
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    Re: Need some propsal help all!

    There are plenty of CMs at Disneyland that do all they can to make your trip special, so I think you should be very successful in your proposal

    BTW, going to HM at night during Fantasmic! is incredibly fun-no one is there (though I'm unsure of how it is during the holiday season) and is something everyone should do. If everything pans out right, this should be a proposal to remember!

    Good luck!

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    Re: Need some proposal help all!

    Awww!!! Good luck to you!
    I hope it goes off well.
    Do let us know how it goes
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    Re: Need some proposal help all!

    Sounds like such a great idea! Good luck getting it all set up. ^-^
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    Re: Need some proposal help all!

    I'll post pics and updates after! You all are awesome!
    Is this haunted room actually stretching? Or is it the four beers you had at DCA, hmmm?

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