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    17th merchandise still available

    Hola everyone,

    To all those that didn't go to last Sunday (which is proabably only a few of you), when I went to the park Friday night (7/22) there was still merchandise available at the store next to Disney showcase (which i guess is still part of that store?) ANYway... they still have a lot of mugs, women's fitted shirts, shot glasses (or are they toothpick holders?). And if you go by the embroidery counter there was a small basket of pins! Not the LE "I was there pin" unfortunately but the other one they released that day (the one with the dates). Just thought I back to lurking mode

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    Re: 17th merchandise still available

    Good tip, GRACIAS!

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    Re: 17th merchandise still available

    They also have a lot of this merchendise left over in the Emporium. This includes the July 17th open edition pin($8.95), as well as the light-up pin from that day($15.00).

    The t shirts are still available ($19.00), but only in Adult small or medium. There were quite a few of the girly tees left, and a whole shelf of shot glasses and mugs.

    But once it's gone it's gone!! So buy quick.
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    Re: 17th merchandise still available

    I actually never really cared for the actual 50th merchandise.. I was going to get the shirt.. but I liked the retro one better
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    Re: 17th merchandise still available

    I like the mug. It shows off the "day of" logo (like the images they use on the shopping bags) the best.
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    Re: 17th merchandise still available

    I was surprised to see the Walt pin from the 17th there today. I had been told on the 17th that there weren't enough left for the people in line. Today there were tons of them at most every store. Now, if I could just find an "I was there" pin.

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