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    Re: First Look at DCA's Toy Story Mania!

    Quote Originally Posted by Professortango View Post
    with all the problems that Buzz has, at least it has a semblence of a plot. It may be themed to toys instead of the actual space ranger like it should have been, it may consist of cheap cut-outs and lacks focus and story-telling...but there are the bare bones of a story there...

    With Midway Mania, we don't even get a story. The ride vehicles look cool and I even like the design, but I go on Disney rides to go on adventures. When I first heard of the idea, I thought it could be interesting. Through some action we are shrunk down and thrown into midway games. We must play through them to escape and avoid the giant game pieces (ping pong balls, balloons, darts, water jets). They could even make the track like a slow moving coaster with hills to bounce over and zigs and zags to make it fun-house-ish.

    But the more I hear about it, we are just playing games with Toy Story characters rooting us on. The games are not oversized nor really affecting us on our journey, just something to play as we move along. It sounds like Disney came up with some great new technology and tried to build a ride around it instead of thinking of a great new ride and building the technology to meet their needs.

    Really? And I thought there was no such thing as cheap.

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    Re: First Look at DCA's Toy Story Mania!

    Quote Originally Posted by The Disneylander View Post
    BLAB is a very good ride with a high reridability rate. If you flip through the guidebooks that are out there, all rate it very highly, and say that it is a very good attraction. Just because it does not live up to OUR extremely high standards does not mean that it is not a good ride. Every day, many thousands of people ride and enjoy Buzz Lightyear.
    It is an entertaining attraction for now, but I wouldn't call it a "very good ride." No, it doesn't need to be a blown out E-ticket, but something with the detail and fun of Alice, Roger Rabbit, or Peter Pan with the technology aspect of laser tag would have rocked. A ride where you join Buzz, the Space Ranger, on a quest to infiltrate Zerg's fortress, free prisoners, defeat guards, and stop his war machine. Yes, joining Buzz the toy and shooting at everything that moves is fun, but the former sounds more befitting a Disneyland darkride, especially one in Tommorowland.

    The problem is that DCA is in major need of a Pirates or Haunted Mansion. Some giant original attraction with amazing detail and maybe even a song. Instead, WDI is delivering C-D level ride-throughs and using technology to push them into the E-ticket category rather than story and detail themselves. Technological gimicks don't make rides, story telling does.

    If the car in Roger Rabbit doesn't spin, the ride is still fun. If your jeep doesn't bump and roll on Indy, the ride is still amazing. If the pepper's ghost effect doesn't work on Mansion, the ride still works for 90% of the scenes and the scenes it does affect are still richly detailed and amazing to look at.

    Now look at the recent rides. If the projection screens have an issue on Nemo, does the ride have much to offer after the lagoon? If your spaceship doesn't spin or shoot, will Buzz work as a straight dark ride? And with Midway Mania, if the 3D screens go defunct, what will be left to look at?

    Technology should enhance rides, rides shouldn't enhance the technology.

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