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    Favorite Disneyland Holiday Memories

    In my opinion, (and I am sure I am not alone) Christmas time is the best time to visit Disneyland. I remember the magic of the Christmas parade back in the 70s. This was then, just as it is now, the one time that Disney brought out all the rarely seen Characters, not to mention the colors, the sheer specticle, the music. I get Goosebumps!! One favorite memory was when they included Herbie the Love Bug in the Parade. He would do crazy gags and silly stunts just like in the movies. Also I remember when they included Pluto with a silly crew of performing dogs being chased by a clumsy dog catcher. I always loved the goofy looking reindeer (which sadly dont look as goofy any more) and the dancing Christmas trees, (hysterical) I am almost tearing up thinking about how magical it all was when I was a small boy. Infact, to this day, I still get a lump in my throut when those Babes in Toyland toy soldiers march by.

    I would love others to share their favorite Holdiay Memories at Disneyland. Please Discuss!!!
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